If A Client Wants to Manage their Own Domain and NOT Transfer To Distinct, What Needs to Happen Before Launch?

If A Client Wants to Manage their Own Domain and NOT Transfer To Distinct, What Needs to Happen Before Launch?

This is STRONGLY advised against and we should communicate that to the client as often as possible. You can reassure them that the domain is safe and secure with us and it will be transferred to them if at any point they would like to leave our services.

Allowing Distinct to manage the DNS settings of the domain name and allows us to troubleshoot issues in real time.

Launching a website, restoring service in an emergency, or making updates to the DNS settings will all be delayed if we don't have domain management.

Also, allowing us to maintain the domain name prevents the client from being targeted by spam emails and physical mail that attempt to extort the client for more money as if they are the domain registrar. Overall, our clients are happier, better served, and safer when we manage the domain name.

If the client does not want the domain name managed by Distinct, there will be times when their Marketing Advisor will communicated needs to the client in regards to updating their DNS settings. If the client is not confident with their DNS settings they risk causing damage to their domain name and website.

Distinct can no launch a new website without changing the DNS settings. We can not set up email without DNS settings. There are many things not listed here that can cause problems as well.

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